What Are Staff Cards?

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    "I just got this paper thing from this crate. It says 'Pig' on it.
    What do I do with it?"
    Staff Cards are collectible and tradeable papers found on ICN that are redeemable for prizes, should you collect them all. The cards are based off of the members of Staff on ICN as well as some of it's players who have won their own cards. There is a new edition at the beginning of every month with new cards released and new keys for voting. You can only use the keys during the month to get that month's Staff Cards.

    There are two variations of Staff Cards; Regulars and Shinys. The Regular Cards are the easiest to obtain and less rare. The Shinys have a smaller chance of being won within their respective crates.

    How do I get Staff Card keys?
    You can get Staff Card keys in several ways. The easiest way to obtain these keys is to /vote on all 5 voting sites. For every voting site you vote on, you will get a key; 5 voting sites and thus 5 keys. Staff Card keys are also distributed to event winners.

    Where can I use Staff Card keys?
    You may use your Staff Card keys at /staffcards. There is one chest in the middle where you will use all of your Staff Card keys which will then be turned into keys for the other chests around them. There are 6 types of rarities of Staff Cards: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Common is the least rare and Legendary the most. The cards you receive from the central Staff Card crate can be used on these crates accordingly.


    What can I win with Staff Cards?
    If you collect an entire set of regular Staff Cards, you will win several items. If you have a shiny of a card within your set, it can also be used to redeem your prizes. The prizes are as follows:
    • Your own Staff Card in the Rare crate in the following month
    • A Trophy specialized for that month's Staff Card Set
    • $300,000 icebucks
    • 3 Diamond Keys
    • 5 Ice Cubes
    • 1 Custom Skull specialized for that month's Staff Card Set
    If you collect an entire Shiny set of Staff Cards at any point in time, you will have your own Staff Card added to ALL future editions, permanently.

    To redeem your prizes, contact a Staffling or above in-game and inform them you have completed the set. They will then look over your cards to insure completion, and collect them from you for the remainder of that month. You may have them back at the end of the month.

    You can also win your own staff card in the Elite Crate!

    Note: You may only receive the rewards from collecting an entire set of Staff Cards once per month.

    What else can you do with Staff Cards?
    If you decide you do not want to collect Staff Cards, they are also an easy way to earn money. Many players will pay up into the hundreds of thousands for Legendary cards if they need them. You can put them up for /auction, /ah, or just trade them with other players for the cards you need.

    What are Mystery Crate keys?
    Within the Legendary Crate, there is also the chance to win a Regular or Shiny Mystery Crate key. The crates for these keys are located at /crates. These crates have surprise items in them that you can only see what you can win when you use a key with them!

    Check out these rooms players have designed to store their staff cards!

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