Teamspeak Vs Discord..FIGHT!

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by IceScream, Mar 22, 2017.

By IceScream on Mar 22, 2017 at 11:38 AM
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    We like teamspeak, it works, it's easy to manage....however. A LOT of players have been asking for discord, there are pros and cons to both..However we are experimenting with a discord server currently and want your thoughts, so I've attached a poll to this thread, cast your vote.


Teamspeak Vs Discord?

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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by IceScream, Mar 22, 2017.

    1. TrainGoBoom
      I find TeamSpeak easier to use. It is hard as hell to get into a group on discord. Plus we have been using teamspeak for such a long time! Why change?
    2. IceScream
      I prefer teamspeak, I think the main reason people want to use discord is it is free on mobile, you can use it in a web browser, and it's the cool new thing I guess.
    3. TheGrateSalmon
      I prefer Discord. From my experience, Discord is superior to TS because it (1) has a much cleaner and better looking interface, (2) is easier to learn how to use, therefore making it more inviting (making it more user-friendly),and (3) has a mobile app which should hopefully allow more people to use voice/text chat.
    4. Alppuccino
      Care to explain why it's hard to group in discord?
    5. kait
      I personally like Discord better because you not only can do voice chat, you have chat rooms. Discord is also free on the app store, meaning people from the server could talk all day, even if they weren't on their computers. If you didnt want to receive message alerts, you could just hit the 'do not disturb' button and you wouldnt get notifications anymore.
    6. kait
      You can also make different channels for different things. One for factions, survival, and a locked staff room like you already have for TeamSpeak.
    7. InigoMontoyaICN
      TS all day FUCK DISCORD and its force download of OVERWOLF
    8. kait
      TS is the force download of Overwolf, not Discord.
    9. IceScream
      One thing I should add. We want to offer a communication platform for players ON the server. This is why we have a rule about people being on the server to use our teamspeak.
      I understand that people want to be able to chat etc outside of the server but this would become difficult for us to police. We have had people in the past invite their friends to the teamspeak to use it to play other games (and even servers) hence the "be on ICN rule"
      We want players to enjoy each other's company and make friends but with a server the size we are it's detrimental if players start saying "hey everyone lets go play something else instead". A server as small as ICN is still trying to establish itself and so if the main reason for wanting discord over teamspeak is to be able to chat when not on the server then it serves absolutely no positive purpose to us what so ever.

      That being said. Best thing right now I feel is to simple offer both. We as staff will still continue using teamspeak since having tried both it is our preferred platform. This will be a trial run, if it is abused, misused, or players continuously break community rules then it will be shut down.
      Now that we have a public discord I am applying a new rule regarding links in chat/msg. We now offer somewhere to chat/msg online/offline on the server. It is now against the server rules to advertise personal teamspeaks, or discards. This will be strictly enforced. I will update this forum post with a link to the discord shortly.
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    10. IceScream

      We now have discord and are keeping teamspeak. There will be rules that will be strictly enforced. Those will be written up shortly but for the time being, just follow the EXACT same rules on discord and teamspeak that are on the server. With the additional rule of *No Personal Teamspeaks/Discords to be advertised in game* We can't stop anyone from slipping another server/teamspeak/discord/illegalsextrafficking link to another player outside of the server, but if we hear about it and have proof then you'll get a slap (a major one). As I stressed above we are a very small server, we work hard to get and establish new players so if anyone is caught in game or out doing something along the lines of "Hey I'm bored lets go fight elves n shit on league of legends" They will be spoken to.

      *Acknowledgement* I know this can seem a little strict or unfair, but we ARE a small server and we allow so much to happen that most servers do not. You are allowed to curse your head off, CAPS ARE FINE, adult topics are completely okay (and staff engage in them) we just want to keep our existing players which is the single most difficult thing to do on a server. When the server is larger, we can ease up on this, but for now we have to protect our playerbase.


      Heres the link to discord!
    11. InigoMontoyaICN
      Well shit.... SKYPE it is then!

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