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    Both TeamSpeak and Discord are available for use on ICN!

    But first, please remember to follow the rules:
    1. Only voice chat when you are ONLINE on ICN. These channels are supposed to make communication easier on the server. You can still check chat messages.
    2. No advertising your own TeamSpeak/Discord channels.
    3. The same rule regarding being respectful to players and staff apply.
    4. No spamming the chat.
    5. Don't use TeamSpeak or Discord to take online players to another game. Obviously you can discuss other topics but actively luring players off the server is forbidden.
    6. If you have a lot of background noise, you may be asked to use the Push-To-Talk button.
    7. Your name on Teamspeak/Discord needs to be similar to your ingame name or whatever you go by ingame, so that we know who you are.

    All other server rules apply, if you wish to report a player or staff for breaking any of the rules you can in the report section of the forum.​

    Now that you've read the rules, here is the connection info!
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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by sarahm1121, Mar 26, 2017.

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