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Discussion in 'Reset Request' started by Sadie, Nov 21, 2017.

By Sadie on Nov 21, 2017 at 7:05 PM
  1. Sadie

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    Skyblock will be resetting soon to allow for new changes but don't worry!

    If you have an island you would like transferred over after the reset, leave a reply here with your ingame username and we will save it and move it for you!

    The reset will take place in approximately 2 weeks.

    If you have any further questions, please leave them below.
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Discussion in 'Reset Request' started by Sadie, Nov 21, 2017.

    1. CoffeeCupz
      Save my island
      Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
    2. Zacchaeus
      yes, please. same island dimensions and spacing, or will we be close enough to see neighbors?
    3. Zacchaeus
      ha, another question ;) will map position and seed be maintained, or should we expect that code-defined locations like slime chunks will move?
      thank you - the server has been great, and i'm excited to see what's next!
    4. Zacchaeus
      more questions (i've never been through a reset, sorry to be so clueless):
      1. will MCMMO points survive as they are now, or everyone reset to zero?
      2. balances survive?
      3. carried inventory and stored inventory (eg chests)? (i'm guessing inventories survive if you maintain the island)
      4. access from challenges reset (eg end access from (new challenges?)
      5. biome access from challenges lost?

      and looking forward to changes, two more thoughts- will we get the jobs plugin? will prices be changed in the shop?

      finally, a quick thank you - LOVE the fast crate keys update that came in recently, soooo much better than the old three-second redeem!
    5. Sadie
      Everything with the exception of a few select peoples' islands will be reset. This includes balances, McMMo, enderchests, and challenges. The map position and seed may change, however the spacing between islands should be the same. The Jobs plugin will not be added as that is a survival-exclusive plugin. This should be the only reset that Skyblock experiences for a long time to come, so we want to have a fresh start!
    6. Ppluky
      Please save my Island if still possible. I would not like to lose what I have started.
    7. Tsh02
      This is gonna be nutty af
    8. Rutger
      This is a request for DillPikl3's island to be saved
    9. Yolo
      pls save my island
    10. kacey
      Save My island Please :D
    11. Sadie
      What is your username?
    12. Jerzygurl609
      Can i plz have mine saved
    13. Nyghtmair
      Nyghtmair is my IGN Thanks!!
    14. DustyICN
      Save me island plz

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