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    We have recently updated several things in preparation for the holidays!
    The updates are as follows:
    Locking Chests and Doors
    In addition to land claims, players now have the ability to lock individual chests and doors!
    This will prevent players who you have trusted to access these chests/doors, if you do not trust them on the chest/door.

    To lock a chest or door, simply hold a sign in your hand and right click a chest/door.

    You may also SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK the block to prevent it get automatically locked, or you can write [Private] text manually on signs as well.

    Sharing with Another User
    After claiming the chest, you can add another user on the sign.
    First, right click the sign, then enter /loc
    k 3 <user name>

    Sharing with Everyone
    Same as above, you just use [Everyone] (with brackets) in the username.
    Add Another Sign
    If one sign is not enough, you may hold a sign and right click on another surface. It will snap on the surface and become a [More User] sign automatically. Placing the sign while holding SHIFT will bypass the sign creation.
    Timer with Doors
    If you add a line [timer:X] (with brackets, and X means an integer) to a door lock, the door will automatically close after X seconds.

    Fly Reward for Voting
    Now on Survival, if you vote on all 5 Voting Links,
    you will receive 60 minutes of fly time!

    Christmas Updates!
    With the holidays coming soon, a few new additions have been added!
    We recently unveiled a new Christmas-themed Spawn!

    In the countdown to Christmas, there is now a daily Advent Calendar! Everyday
    that you come on in the month of December leading up to Christmas, you will be able to redeem a new gift by doing /adventcalendar!

    New skulls were added to /warp skullshop!

    Christmas Trees at Spawn! These trees spawn random presents underneath them that you can right-click on to receive random gifts!
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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by Sadie, Dec 3, 2017.

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