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    It's that time again! Poker Night at new /warp CardCasino next Sunday!

    Date: 23rd of June, 2019
    Time: 3 PM EST (8 PM UK)

    Same rules will apply as in the actual casino. Bets are made with chips and Blinds and Antes are in play.
    We will be playing Texas Hold Em Poker. If you don't know how to play, I recommend watching a tutorial on Youtube.
    You may exchange your bigger chips into smaller ones or vice versa during the game but only at the end of a betting round.

    You MUST keep track of the game and your turn. A player that doesn't remember their turn will be counted as he folded.

    Prize: Earned Money

    Chips are not just for show as they have a value. A player who wins the game, and therefor wins all chips, will be able to turn them in money at the Shop Chests at the casino.

    Hope to see you there :D

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