Night Crystal Tower

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    Oct 11, 2017
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    This is a build I made on top of a spider spawner so I wanted to make it a little bit special.
    This crystal is made of pure diamond and has been placed on top of the tower to contain the spiders in the dungeon bellow.
    The crystal has a bright glow during the night.
    It feeds off spiders experience points but it also accepts spider eyes as a tribute.
    The crystal passed some power in the tower lighting the inside and connecting to the spawner itself.
    If you want to take a closer look at it the coordinates are: 175 65 -1680. Remember that if you want to see the crystal in it's full glory come at night. 2017-12-30_11.45.12.png 2017-12-30_11.45.34.png 2017-12-30_12.08.59.png 2017-12-30_14.36.36.png
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    Very cool build! I'm a fan of the detailed description aswell :)

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