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    In Game Name (IGN):
    Current Rank:
    Have You Donated?:
    No I have not donated, someone else donated for me
    Age or DOB:
    Location/Time Zone:
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Eastern Time Zone
    Can you get Slack/Discord?:
    How long have you been playing on IceCraftNation?:
    6 Days, 7 Hours, and 53 Minutes
    How active are you on ICN? Do you know of any reason why you may become inactive?:
    I am on ICN a couple times a day, everyday. A reason why I might become inactive is because I am currently in a Doctorate of Pharmacy program. When exams come around I will not be on as much but when I am done studying I will be able to come on later in the night for a couple of hours.
    Why are you applying to be staff on ICN?
    I honestly believe I will be a great addition to ICN because I have a lot of experience when it comes to Minecraft servers. I have owned 3 servers, I was Head Admin for a server, Admin for a server, Mod for a server, and a helper for a server in the past.
    How often do you vote for ICN?
    Whenever I am able to, sometimes I forget but that can be easily changed
    Are you filling this application out using the same font and color as the questions? (read template info)

    - Your Staffing Experience -

    Have you ever been staff on a minecraft server before?
    Yes I have been a staff before on a Minecraft server, I listed above all of the positions I have been in the past.
    Are you currently staff/builder/owner on/of any server?:
    Nope and I will never work two servers at once.
    Are you familiar with ICN's rules?
    Are you able to get online most days?
    I am on everyday
    Do you know the staff team?
    I know some staff members but I wish to get to know everyone a lot better.
    What is your favorite thing about IceCraftNation?
    I love ICN due to the size and the players. The reason IceCraftNation is better than most I have played is because of how friendly the staff is and everyone on the server. When looking at how everyone talks over chat, you would think everyone knows each other in person. That is really awesome because you do not see that in many servers.
    Additional Notes:
    Some additional notes about me:
    I am currently Social Chair and Risk Management in a fraternity. The reason I am adding this is because as Social Chair I am the one who runs and organizes everything when it comes to meeting new people and working with other Greek organizations. Also to be Risk Management you must be very mature because I am the one who is talking to the school about everything that is going on within the fraternity. Overall I am here to have fun, help out the best I can, and meet new people.
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    Thanks for applying, all applications are kept on file for future consideration.

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