Introducing Cactus Industries TM: A Part of the Angel Co Brand

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    If you are reading this then you seem to be interested in Cactus Industries TM: A Part of the Angel Co Family!
    Cactus Industries or CI for short, is a new company on the survival part of the server.
    CI will be the home for all your cactus needs! Anything and everything having to do with cactus, dye, or growing your own cactus will be provided through our shop (to be finished soon)!
    We are also looking for investors in CI, and if you choose to invest in the company, Please message Klikcer A.K.A Klikgod either on the server or on discord to see what the different levels of investment entitle you to!
    All investors will receive compensation, and might even receive access to some of our exclusive rewards for top investors.
    So join Cactus Industries today!

    (All investors must provide proof of investment. If not provided, Klikcer will not be compensating you with any of the investment rewards)

    Cactus Industries TM: A Part of the Angel Co Brand has its headquarters at /warp Hyruins, the large green terracotta and stone slab building near the warp spawn. Please come check us out while our building is still under construction, and leave any feedback in the comments below. Construction of our headquarters and shop will be completed soon, more updates will be provided soon.

    And keep a look out for the rest of the Angel Co Brand Companies coming soon!

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