Inspired by CeO,iceScream,and Sadie...

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    SOOOOOO, Thank you Guys for all the kind Comments!. S.O. to Ice Scream, Sadie, And CeO...
    Yesterday, actually Day before that, I had decided that Halloween is close enough to start enjoying it now, and all through the next Month and a half...In Preparation for that I totally cleared my plot in creative, and started over!!!

    My love of all Hallows Eve, and Day, inspired me from start but also seeing what a few people here on ICN had said, and from Friends and Family from where I am located it has been evident what I must So here are approx. 7 Pics from my Creative Plot recently, I hope you Enjoy them and I hope to be completely finished with this thought before 21st of should be anyway!! there is yet to be a Haunted Mansion , But, I will most likely need some help on that when I get will let everyone know more as I get closer to it. Thanks again Guys and have a great Halloween, Happy Samhain...NAMASTE

    ICN New Halloween Plot.png ICN New Halloween Plot2.png ICN New Halloween Plot3.png ICN New Halloween Plot4.png ICN New Halloween Plot5.png ICN New Halloween Plot6.png ICN New Halloween Plot7.png Enter the Hay-bale Maze ICN.png
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    Haha looks great! Excited to see a haunted mansion :D

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