***Icewars PvP Event*** [17 March 2018]

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    On Saturday (17 March 2018) at 3pm EST / 8pmUK time we will be hosting a Icewars PvP Event. There will be 3 to 4 rounds, and the top winner(s) out of all the rounds will receive the Grand Prize for this week's event.


    1. Discord is required for this event. If you can't talk or don't have a microphone that's fine, but you must be in Discord to participate in the event as there will be team rounds. Plus it's a lot more fun in the voice channel. But you must be in the voice channel. IP: https://discord.gg/XTWAzSm
    2. Do NOT join a map before you are told. It will be stated in Discord when to join which map; do not go before. We will also be sorting teams and such before going into a map.
    3. No ghosting allowed. Once you have died, you are not allowed to help surviving players find other players. If you are caught ghosting you will be disqualified.

    Once the event has concluded, prizes will be awarded to the winners. The prizes are as following (Prizes vary according to server):

    Overall Winner(s):
    3 Gold Keys
    3 Staffcard Keys
    1 Icecube
    Commemorative Trophy

    3 Gold Keys
    3 Iron Keys
    1 Diamond Block
    Commemorative Trophy

    5 Voting Keys
    Commemorative Trophy​

    If you have any questions after reading this feel free to reply to this thread or ask a question before the event starts.
    Hope to see you there and remember to have fun! :D
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