How to update to 1.11.2 so you can play on ICN

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    With the new minecraft update your minecraft might have autoupdated, to 1.12. Because of a new update ICN most update aswell, which we will do as soon as possible. Until we have updated the server, you can play on the server using 1.11.2. Don't know how to do so? Fear not!

    Step 1: Open your minecraft launcher.

    Step 2: go to "Launch options" which is located right underneath the minecraft logo.

    Step 3: Click the "Add new" button.

    Step 4: There should be a part saying version (latest release 1.12). What you want to do, is, click that bar, and choose "Release 1.11.2".

    Step 5: Press save.

    Step 6: Go to "News" underneath the minecraft logo

    Step 7: To the right of your "Play" button, there should be an arrow. Click that arrow and choose the one that is version 1.11.2.

    Step 8: Press play.

    Step 9: Log on to ICN and have some fun :D

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