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    This Saturday (29 September 2018) at 3pm EST / 8pm UK time we will be having a Hide N' Seek Event. The objective of this game will be to find the hidden player first! Everyone will hide and one chosen seeker will try to find as many people as they can. Once a player has been found, they become a seeker as well. Whoever is the last person remaining hidden, will be declared the winner of the round!


    1. Discord is required for this event.If you can't talk or don't have a microphone that's fine, but you must be in Discord to participate in the event. https://discord.gg/UJQbXz
    2. No giving out clues to your location.You may not give out hints to your friends about where you are hidden.
    3. Do not move from the starting location once everyone is teleported.You may not leave the starting area to find a spot to hide before it is announced to do so. This ensures fairness in the game.
    4. Once you have found a spot, you may not move from that spot until the round is over. This gives the seeker the opportunity to find hiders and call them out.
    5. You must hide individually. You may not choose the same hiding spot as another hider in order to keep variety within the game.
    6. You must disable your fly.
    7. Invisibility potions are NOT allowed.
    Once the event has concluded, prizes will be awarded to the winners.

    The prizes are as following (Prizes vary according to server):

    Overall Winner(s):
    3 Gold Keys
    3 Staffcard Keys
    3 Icecubes
    Commemorative Trophy

    3 Gold Keys
    3 Iron Keys
    1 Diamond Block
    Commemorative Trophy

    5 Voting keys
    Commemorative Trophy

    If you have any questions after reading this feel free to reply to this thread or ask a question before the event starts.
    Hope to see you there and remember to have fun! :)

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