Hey-ooooooooo HauntedMansion Time!!!!

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    Jul 23, 2017
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    In starting this project I really have no idea where to go with it entirely!!! but I have a couple pics to show off!!!
    So, my main idea came from looking at multiple Mansions on google that are supposed to be Haunted FOR REAL!!!!! so I have been using multiple blocks to sort of mimic that Idea...for the next floor up I thought it would be great to have an easy Parkour to get to some of the rooms, with that thought came maybe each floor needed a parkour challenge and as one goes up in floors the challenge gets harder...soooooooo, here is where I could use some help! I also want to be able to have a Halloween Gift waiting in a chest at the top for the first person to make it!!! and the top 5 people,or the first 5 people to make it would be mentioned on the site news and Forum. However I do not have the authority to do this on my own, and I could use some pointers on how to build this Mansion better, and possibly some people to help actually build it later.

    ICN Haunted Mansion.png ICN Mansion 2.png There are only two different sides I Photo'd but Let me know what you think and how I might improve this build and my skills as a builder...Saalute

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