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    Poor Jane's hubby finally caught up to her, but in his absence the villages are suffering. The players need to help fill the drop in production.

    Name - Farmer John

    Quest - Ran out of paper making lost posters, now all the cartographers can't make maps. Turn in 32 paper, receive 8 books.

    Quest - Food shortages in the north has many people starving. Turn in 32 Bread, receive Diamond Hoe.

    Quest - 50 shades of horses. The lack of golden carrots caused a decline in young horses. Turn in 32 golden carrots, receive iron horse armor.

    Quest - The harvest festival is upon us, and it will be dark unless we light the way. Turn in 32 Jack o'lantern, receive $$$

    Got bored at work and figured poor'ol Jane needs a worry wort for a husband.
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    Nice suggestions! I'll pass these along to our resident quest maker, Toby :D
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