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    This Saturday (17 November 2018) at 3pm EST/ 8pm UK time we will be hosting an Escape the Room Event! In the game, you will be faced with various challenges in an attempt to breakout of the room. Completing some challenges or riddles leads to another section of the room.


    1. Discord is required for this event. If you can't talk or don't have a microphone that's fine, but you must be in Discord to participate in the event. IP: https://discord.gg/UHAgjY
    2. You may not break blocks to try to escape. You may ONLY break levers on DIAMOND blocks, and chests. Breaking through walls is strictly prohibited. Do NOT break any other block or it may result in removal from the event.
    3. Do not give hints to other players. When you finish your turn, DO NOT give the other players hints on where to go and where to look

    Once the event has concluded, prizes will be awarded to the winners who will then receive a prize. You may redeem your prize on the server of your choosing, but only on one server.

    Overall Winner(s):
    3 Gold Keys
    3 Staffcard Keys
    1 Icecube
    Commemorative Trophy

    3 Gold Keys
    3 Iron Keys
    1 Diamond Block
    Commemorative Trophy

    If you have any questions after reading this feel free to reply to this thread or ask a question before the event starts.
    Hope to see you there and remember to have fun!

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