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    What is Creative?
    The Creative server allows players to use creative mode to build on their own plot. You have the ability to use the creative menu to get unlimited resources. A starting plot is 100x100 with donator perks allowing plots to be combined and expanded.

    Useful Commands:
    For basic Creative commands, do /p help.
    • /p auto - picks a plot and claims it for you
    • /p delete - unclaims and deletes your plot
    • /p trust [playername] - trusts a player to your plot
    • /p add [playername] - adds a player to your plot
    • /p visit [playername]<#> - visits a player's plot
    • /p deny/ban [playername] - bans a player from entering your plot
    • /p comment - Comments on a plot
    Donator Ranks:
    Donation ranks on creative give various perks such as merging plots together to create one larger plot, and even the use of World Edit. These ranks and their perks can be found ingame as well as on our donation website:
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