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By IceScream on Apr 9, 2017 at 11:43 AM
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    A Minecraft server community is simple enough to put together. Find people with similar interests or let them find themselves. You just need to provide a place for it to happen. A large community? simple still only it takes a little time. A large community without any "toxic" players? very difficult. When it comes to running a server I have learnt one main thing. You can have a small community of kind, friendly and like minded players or you can let in any bad apple and have larger numbers. This will always be the choice and whilst it is possible to have a large community with the desired players this usually takes a substantial amount of time or highly funded advertising.

    So the choices are:

    A: Remove a player the moment they show strong negativity, an affinity for drama, arguing, and the most common one which I can only describe as 'Internet Self-righteousness' (Take a look at any youtube comments section for an example of this)

    B: Let the player remain, allow the community to turn sour, and enjoy the benefits of a server with a large number of players.

    Most servers will always choose option B. This is because most servers are geared towards a financial incentive. ICN is absolutely not. Most the staff and I have experience in this environment and have sworn to never again re-live it. Now the downsides to a small community is there is no room for large sub divisions within it. Factions has factions and Skyblock has islands but beyond that the server should operate as a single community. Our events are a fantastic example of this working to it's best light. So what happens when a community wishes to branch off? or dip into the existing community to pluck out individuals leaving the main pool empty or sparse? It creates divide, exclusion and segregation.

    So as a reminder to the community as a whole, ICN is about a single community. It is not about individual groups that cherry pick their members. It is about everyone. This is what the server/forum/teamspeak/events and now discord are all here for. Should the server grow to a number large enough to accommodate separate communities then the appropriate actions will be taken to allow for this. New servers, server sided chat etc.

    We as a staff TEAM will do everything we can to protect this community and enforce the rules to ensure it. Staff are absolutely united in the rules that are set in place and I want to thank all the current ICN players and staff for being such a great part to the community as a whole and understanding/complying with the rules that are in place to protect it.

    ALSO Congratulations to SADIE for becoming an ICN ADMIN. She has worked her way up from player, helper, staffling, mod, senior mod to admin. We are lucky to have such a hard working howdy howdy contributing to the server and events and she will be in the new staff cards crate next month!
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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by IceScream, Apr 9, 2017.

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