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    Your builds and items will ONLY be protected when they are inside your claim.

    You MUST claim your builds, chests, etc. if you wish to have them protected, anyone can take/break/remove or edit your stuff if it is not within a claim.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    • How do I claim?
      • To claim a build, you need to have a golden shovel. Everyone receives a golden shovel upon joining the server. To claim, hold the shovel in your hand and select opposite corners of where you would like to claim. If you have claimed correctly, you will see a temporary outline of your claim in gold blocks and glowstone in the corners.
    • What happens if my build is griefed because I forgot to claim it?
      • We will allow a ONE TIME rollback from staff to have your items returned to you. We will then highly suggest again to claim your build because we will not offer another rollback for your unclaimed builds.
    • What if someone I trusted in my claim griefs me?
      • Should you trust someone in your claim and they grief you, staff will investigate it in the usual manner. However, please make sure you only give trust to people who you actually do trust to not grief you.
    • I don't have enough claim blocks. How do I get more?
      • If you run out of claim blocks, you can buy more through /buyclaimblocks. Each claim block costs $15.00. You also receive 100 claim blocks for each hour you play on the server.
    • I see an unclaimed build. Can I take it and claim over it?
      • If a build is unclaimed, you may claim over it and make it your own. You CANNOT have donator tools from unclaimed builds.
    • This build is unclaimed but it belongs to an active player.
      • If an active player forgets to claim, we ask that you first /msg or /mail send the player asking if they have abandoned the build, and even suggest they claim it. If you are uncertain to who it belongs to, you may ask a staff member to check.
    • I forgot to claim my build and someone claimed over it.
      • If your build is claimed over, staff will look into it. However, you MUST CLAIM YOUR BUILDS. More often than not, if it is unclaimed, you will not have your build returned to you.
    If you have anymore questions about claiming, please ask them below!
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Discussion in 'How to Play Survival' started by Sadie, Sep 9, 2017.

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