***Buildionary Event*** [02 March 2019]

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  1. Sadie

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    This Saturday (02 March 2019) at 3pm EST / 8pm UK time we will be hosting a...
    Buildionary Event!
    This event resembles the Pictionary game.
    Players will be divided into two teams and tasked with building a given word within a chosen topic. Once a member of the team has guessed the word, the team will receive one point and whoever correctly guessed the word will take a turn building.
    The first team to 15 points, will win.

    Please read all of the rules prior to participating.
    1. Discord is required for this event. If you can't talk or don't have a microphone that's fine, but you must be in the Event Talkie voice channel to participate in the event.
    2. You must guess the word exactly as how it is written on the builder's paper. For example, if the builder has to make "breakfast", and you guess "waffle", this would not be correct. You must say "breakfast" to be correct.
    3. No spelling out words or giving hints. You must only build the word to the best of your ability. If a word is built, a point will be deducted from the team.
    4. If a word is unable to be guessed by the team, they can agree to pass and lose a point. It must be agreed upon by the team before it is decided to do so.
    5. Only one person may build at a time. Other team members are not permitted to help or interfere with whoever is building at the time.

    *If less than 8 players show up for the event, the event will not occur. Make sure to encourage your friends, neighbors, and dog to get online and join in the fun!

    Once the event has concluded, prizes will be awarded to the winners and all participants will receive a prize. You may redeem your prize on the server of your choosing, but only on one server.

    The prizes are as following (Prizes vary according to server):

    Overall Winner(s):
    3 Gold Keys
    3 Staffcard Keys
    5 IceCubes
    Commemorative Trophy

    5 Voting Keys
    Commemorative Trophy

    If you have any questions after reading this feel free to reply to this thread or ask a question before the event starts.
    Hope to see you there and remember to have fun! :D
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  2. Beepis

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    So ready!

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