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    This Monday (29 October 2018) at 4:30pm EST / 9:30pm UK time we will be hosting a Battle Boats Event! During this event, your boating and archery skills will be put to the test! Participants will all receive their own boat, a bow with Infinity, and one arrow. Everyone will be separated into two teams. We will playing on two maps, both with a slightly different objective.

    In the first map, players will all fight against each other in attempt to be the last remaining player on a boat. The objective is to shoot another person's boat and destroy it and be the last one remaining in a boat.
    In the second map, it will emulate a form of Capture the Flag. Players will be separated into two teams. While the aspect of shooting the opposing team's boats is still applicable, your new goal is to get to the opposing team's side and take their team's block out of the item frame and back to your side. If you manage to reach your side, you place the opposing team's block into the item frame on your side, and you have won that round. If your boat is shot before you can reach either side, you are eliminated from that round and you may no longer move or help your team during that round.


    1. Discord is required for this event. If you can't talk or don't have a microphone that's fine, but you must be in Discord to participate in the event. IP: https://discord.gg/a7nFbS
    2. If your boat is broken, you may NOT place your boat back on the map. If your boat is broken, you must sit out for the remainder of the round. You will be teleported to a spectator area once you are out. No exceptions.
    3. During the teamed portion of the event, do NOT shoot your own teammate's boat. Should this happen, your teammate will still be considered eliminated.
    4. You may NOT continue shooting at other boats if you have been eliminated from the round. If your boat has been broken, you are no longer allowed to shoot your bow at other boats

    The prizes are as following (Prizes vary according to server):

    Overall Winner(s):
    3 Gold Keys
    3 Staffcard Keys
    1 Icecube
    Commemorative Trophy

    3 Gold Keys
    3 Iron Keys
    1 Diamond Block
    Commemorative Trophy

    If you have any questions after reading this feel free to reply to this thread or ask a question before the event starts.
    Hope to see you there and remember to have fun! :D

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