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    Minecraft has finally announced a release date for 1.13! Wednesday, July 18!

    Many of you have asked what will happen when ICN updates to 1.13. Well, the long-awaited answer is that we will be doing a reset of Survival and Adventure.

    With the upcoming 1.13 update, new things will be added into Minecraft that will only be accessible through a reset.
    ICN has not had a reset in over a year and a half. That’s a long time especially for a server that was brand new at the time, and a lot of people can come and go in that time. That obviously means that a lot of land has already been used for previous players’ builds, claims etc.
    Resetting the survival server will make sure that new players joining over summer will have an easier time finding a place to build and give new areas for our current players to build.

    We have decided that it is time for a reset of survival, to clear up space and allow for generation of new oceans, sunken ships, new animals, new water mechanics, and other new blocks and terrain coming with 1.13.

    Fear not, we know many of you have huge builds and items that have taken a long time to obtain and create, so we will save your builds and items if you want them saved.
    Having your builds and items is of course optional. Some players look forward to resets and want to start over with a new set of goals in mind. The choice is completely yours.

    We know that not a lot of people wish for a reset of their favorite server, but we promise that it will result in a smoother feeling and an improved playerbase. We hope that the transition from the reset to 1.13 will be very smooth and will not have too many inconveniences.

    A reset is a very big thing. On ICN it happens very, very rarely, opposed to other servers where resets can be as common as month. After this one, it will once again be a very long time before we will see an ICN reset again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will happen to my base that I spent a long time on?

    No worries, you can reply to this thread with your In-Game-Name, location of your base using coordinates, and if it is on Survival, Adventure, or both, to have it saved once we reset. You may save multiple bases if you choose to. If you want your inventory saved, please make sure it is placed inside a chest in your house(s) or in an enderchest or playervault. You may also contact a Mod or above ingame when you are ready to have your things saved. It is important to note that once you have had a staff member save your builds, any future work you do will not be saved. You may want to wait to request to have your things saved until it is closer to July 18th.


    What about all my hard earned money?

    We are well aware that getting all your money taken away is not ideal and may turn players away. However, with a survival reset, comes a complete reset of the survival economy too. ICN has had the same economy since it opened on April 3rd, 2016, and we have learned so much since starting there about a Minecraft economy and what breaks it. It seems harsh at first, but having a stable survival economy will be rewarding in the end and help protect the longevity of ICN’s success.
    Money obtained from donator ranks will be refunded.

    Will I keep the items and ranks I donated for?

    Yes, your ranks will remain. No ranks will be reset in this process.

    Things that WILL be reset:
    • The Survival map
      • The nether
      • The end
    • The resource world
    • The Adventure map
      • The nether
      • The end
    • The economies
    • Claims - Your number of claim blocks will most likely not be reset, however the physical claims will be removed as they will no longer be relevant as the map resets.
    • Sethomes - The number of sethomes you can have will not be reset, however similar to claims, the sethomes will also not be relevant after the map resets.
    Things that WILL NOT be reset:
    • Your builds - as long as you have requested to have it saved, your builds will be safe and sound. You can choose any location on the new, resetted map to place your house. Your items stored in your houses will be saved.
    • Ranks - all ranks (donator and ingame) will not be reset.
    • PlayerVaults and Enderchests
    • Money obtained through donator ranks will be refunded.
    • McMMo
    As previously mentioned, the reset is a way for us to pave the way for the 1.13 update. This is not just something we say. It is crucial, that we clear the world and reset it. Otherwise, you will not have the same access to brand new 1.13 features, such as shipwrecks, underwater ruins and so on. So please, bear with us, we HAVE to reset. As frustrating as resets can be for players, it is far more stressful and intensive to the staff running the show. There is no other way that the server will be properly optimized for 1.13. We hope every single one of you will stick with us through this reset as you are all important to us. Let it be assured that we will do our absolute best to make this as easy and painless as possible.

    If you have any other questions about things that may be reset, please leave them below and we will be happy to answer it for you.
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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by Sadie, Jul 12, 2018.

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