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    Well this is it, 1.12 is finally here and with that has come a new set amount of blocks and neat things that come with them.

    If you did the reading up you are already quite aware and have had a building excitement over the new blocks. If you haven't here is a list of whats new with 1.12:

    • Terracotta Blocks (clay was renamed)
    • Glazed Terracotta Blocks
    • Concrete Powder
    • Concrete Blocks

    Player Experience:
    • Advancements
    • Recipe Book
    • Updated Base Colour Palette
    • New Note Block Sounds
    • Knowledge Book Item
    • Functionality to creative toolbar
    • Text-to-Speech Narrator
    • Commands relating to recipes and advancements
    • Parrots!

    So I will talk a bit about each here so you know how to get or craft the new blocks and the other cool things that were added to 1.12

    Red, orange, yellow, brown, white, light grey and unstained terracotta can be found naturally in the mesa biomes.
    Blue and orange can also be found in desert temples.
    Can be mined with any pickaxe.
    Can be dyed like clay did in 1.11

    Glazed Terracotta:
    Crafted by cooking stained terracotta in the furnace

    It also makes pretty patterns which I will include at the bottom of this post as a reply.

    Concrete Powder:
    • Crafted using 4 sand, 4 gravel and 1 dye

    Concrete Blocks:
    • Crafted when Concrete powder comes into contact with water (does not form when by contact with rain, cauldrons or similar)
    • Here I placed the concrete powder on the ground and the placed a bucket of water close to the concrete powder blocks and it turned to concrete.

    Player Features:

    Recipe Book:
    • The recipe book is now found at the side of your crafting table screen

    • When you open it, it will look like this:
    • When there is a red border on the item, that means you don't have the materials to craft that item
    • When the border is white, that means you have the materials to craft the item.

    Updated Base Colour Palette:
    • These were updated so that the colours weren't so blindingly grotesque and more true to their names and colours.

    Knowledge Book:
    • To be perfectly honest I haven't found out too much about this yet so as soon as I found out I will update it more here

    • Yep, they gone and did it, added more achievements to our list of other achievements we need to get.

    • Spawn naturally in the jungle
    • Come in 5 different colours such as red, green, blue, cyan and grey
    • When killed they drop 1-2 feathers
    • Can be tamed using seeds
    • May also imitate sounds of hostile mobs nearby. They have detection range of 20 blocks
    • When near a jukebox they will dance if a music disc is played.
    • Feeding a parrot a cookie will instantly kill the parrot
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    So exciting!!!!
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    Yaaaaay!!! :)
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    Knowledge book unlocks a specific recipe. It is a mapmakers tool. The recipe will be shown in the crafting guide when unlocked this way. The recipe unlocked depends on the book. It is obtained with commands and a recipe is specified via NBT tags.
    Hope this helps. Keep up the good work guys ;)
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