Survival Rules

No killing players or using player traps.

This is only allowed at /pvp.

No hacking or cheating of any kind.

Keep it fair - don't use any cheats/exploits or anything that will give you an unfair advantage.

No griefing claimed areas.

Griefing areas that are not claimed is allowed, so claim your things!

No advertising.

Any recruitment of players to another server will result in an instant ban.

No scamming.

Any form of scamming is not allowed. Do not try to sell something that is not as advertised.

No mods. Optifine and Shaders are allowed.

If you have a question about a specific mod, ask a staff member.

Respect players and staff.

Do not be rude or disrespectful to anyone.

No selling or lending of special donator items. (This includes to alternate accounts.)

In order to keep things fair for all donators, you may not share these items.

No excessive use of swearing.

You are allowed to swear, however uncontrolled swearing is discouraged. 
we will be able to help you better if we can understand. 
You can /msg your friends in your language.

English only in main chat.

Our server is predominately English-speaking, so to reduce confusion, please only use English.

If you would like to use another language, use /msg [username].

No outside links in main chat.

Links relating to the server are allowed. Please do not send other links.

Do not build within 50 blocks of another players build or claim.

Unless you have permission from the other players. 
That way if either of you want to expand you wont bump into each others claims.

Spawners are not allowed to be sold.

You may not sell spawners as these are a perk for donators.

If you would like to use our Discord voice channels, we require you to be on ICN at the same time.

The Discord is a perk for our players. This is a place for everyone to come and work together on the server.

If you are inactive for more than 90 days, your builds and items may be removed.

At this point, your builds and items may be given away to active players.

Anything that prevents you from going AFK is strictly forbidden.

If you are found with any form of AFK Pool, your ingame rank will be reset.

No spamming.

Do not spam excessive characters or the same message over and over.

No excessive use of caps.

Refrain from writing sentences in all caps, it is difficult to read and bothersome.

No asking a donator to silk touch spawners for people without the rank.

Those without the Dedotated rank may not ask others to silk touch spawners for them.

No Selling or Trading Icecube Items or the IceCube Currency.

IceCubes earned may not be sold, traded, or given away in any form.

Any suspicious behavior suggesting possible malice towards the server/players/staff may result in a ban.

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