No griefing, scamming, killing or trapping other players.

If you want to do that go to KitPvp or Factions etc.

No hacking, mods, or cheating of any kind.

Optifine and Shaders are OK.

Keep it fair - don't use any cheats/exploits or anything that will give you an unfair advantage. 
Report a bug if you find one.

No advertising.

Recruiting/advertising for other servers will not be tolerated. You will be instantly banned for this.

Be respectful to staff and players.

Be nice!

Don't be offensive or swear excessively.

You can swear on ICN but please be respectful to players, if someone makes it clear they don't like cursing don't go out of your way to curse just to distress someone. Same goes for obviousl offensive terms.

No asking for donation or staff ranks.

Begging for ranks won't get you anywhere, maybe jailed?

No spam or cap abuse.

This includes flooding the chat with spam. 
When this happens it is easy for staff to miss a player asking for help.

English only in main chat.

Most of the staff have english as a first language and if you have an issue 
we will be able to help you better if we can understand. 
You can /msg your friends in your language.

No links in main chat.

It clutters up the chat for others and could contain potentially harmful sites. Staff will send links from time to time since they are trusted to do so.

No World Editing for other players.

If you would like to use our Discord we require you to be on ICN at the same time.

The Discord is a perk for our players.

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