Your builds and items will ONLY be protected when they are inside your claim.

You MUST claim your builds, chests, etc. if you wish to have them protected, anyone can take/break/remove or edit your stuff if it is not within a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How do I claim?
    • To claim a build, you need to have a golden shovel. Everyone receives a golden shovel upon joining the server. To claim, hold the shovel in your hand and select opposite corners of where you would like to claim. If you have claimed correctly, you will see a temporary outline of your claim in gold blocks and glowstone in the corners.
    • You can also claim individual chests within a claim to keep them private from the people who are trusted to build in your claim
    • To lock an individual chest or door, simply hold a sign in your hand and right click a chest/door.
You may also SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK the block to prevent it get automatically locked, or you can write [Private] text manually on signs as well.

Sharing with Another User
After claiming the chest, you can add another user on the sign.
First, right click the sign, then enter /lock 3 <user name>...
IceCraftNation will be hosting a build-off through our Twitter this week
starting NOW until Sunday, September 10th at 8pm EST.
To submit your build, you must do the following:
  1. Create a build advertising ICN in some way. This can be anything from a statue of a staff member, to pixel art of our logo. Be creative and have fun with it!
  2. Take a screen shot of your build and tweet it to us! Your tweet MUST include: a screenshot of your build, as well as "@IceCraftNation", "IP:" and "#minecraft" in the caption.

That is it! Your build is submitted! A winner will be chosen by staff by the end of the week and they will receive an ICE KEY!

Hello everyone!

We’ve got a few quick updates to fill y’all in on.

We have removed the KitPvP server, BUT it has been replaced with a new and exciting PvP Arena on Survival. Do /warp pvp to get there. If you have purchased a donator rank on survival, you will have access to a new battle kit equivalent to your rank. This kit will have a cooldown of 1 week. You can also buy these battle kits with in-game money or separately on the ICN Store.

Rules for the PVP Arena
1. You are not allowed to use donator kits when you’re in PvP. You may only use crafted, home brought stuff, or the battle kits for your ranks, or battle kits you have bought.

2. Flying is not allowed.

3. If you log out during combat you will die and most likely lose your stuff.

4. For fairness, McMMO is disabled in the arena.

5. If you cheat, hack or mod in ANY way, you will be severely punished.

If you see anyone breaking these rules, please report it to staff or use the Report a Player section of the forum and we will sort it out.

Update for Adventure Mode Donation Ranks
For Adventure, Donation Kits have gotten a few new additions. For fairness, all donation kits contain obtainable items, weapons, tools, and armor.

New additions include Shulker Boxes, Mending Books, better tools, weapons, and armor.

Here are some pictures of one of the Survival PvP Arenas!

Diseases are a big part of the new Adventure server. They can be used against you or used to your advantage.

Video Tutorial:

FleshWound - Injuries caused by breaking blocks with bare fist, no effect but if not cured with bandage infection chance is increased [ cured by bandaging player ].
YellowFever - Caught in the insect infested jungle, high fever and sneezing symptoms, contagious to others [ cured with potion ].
WhoopingCough - Caught in the dusty desert, wheezing and coughing are contagious [ cured with potion ].
Plague - Caught by damage from zombies, high fever sickness, Vomiting and sneezing contagious [ cured with potion ].
Cholera - Caught by drinking uncleansed water, sickness, Vomiting [ cured with potion ]
Broken Leg - Contracted by fall damage, slowness until leg repaired [ cured with a crafted splint ].
Pneumonia - Caught by staying in cold conditions, slowness exhaustion reduced lung capacity and coughing [ cured with heated cream ].
SwampFever - Caught by swimming in swamp biomes with flesh wound [ potion cure ].
OpenWound - Contracted by being slashed with a sword - bleeding, weakness, damage [ cured by bandaging player ].
ArrowWound - Contracted by being hit by an arrow, weakness, damage [ use shears on player to dislodge arrow cure ].
Choking - Can be caused by eating food - causes blocked throat, - damage, reduced speech, not...
Howdy Howdy you IceCraft Howdys!

Summer time is soon and to start things off being summery we have released the IceCraftNation summer spawn! We will be having plenty of events and activities themed to the time of year where you end up getting sand in unpleasant places so stick around!

Also those busy bodies at Minecraft HQ have decided that the plugins we currently have work far too well and so they decided to fuck that up and bring out 1.12. We will be updating to it as soon as possible (working on it already) so keep a look out for the announcement once we have made the move. If your client automatically is trying to run 1.12 already you can select 1.11.2 from the start up. (See Tobys guide below)

So grab a bucket and spade, head down to the beach on ICN and throw them at some children, because sandcastles are lame.


A Minecraft server community is simple enough to put together. Find people with similar interests or let them find themselves. You just need to provide a place for it to happen. A large community? simple still only it takes a little time. A large community without any "toxic" players? very difficult. When it comes to running a server I have learnt one main thing. You can have a small community of kind, friendly and like minded players or you can let in any bad apple and have larger numbers. This will always be the choice and whilst it is possible to have a large community with the desired players this usually takes a substantial amount of time or highly funded advertising.

So the choices are:

A: Remove a player the moment they show strong negativity, an affinity for drama, arguing, and the most common one which I can only describe as 'Internet Self-righteousness' (Take a look at any youtube comments section for an example of this)

B: Let the player remain, allow the community to turn sour, and enjoy the benefits of a server with a large number of players.

Most servers will always choose option B. This is because most servers are geared towards a financial incentive. ICN is absolutely not. Most the staff and I have experience in this environment and have sworn to never again re-live it. Now the downsides to a small community is there is no room for large sub divisions within it. Factions has factions and Skyblock has islands but beyond that the server should operate as a single community. Our events are a fantastic example of this working to it's best light. So what happens when a community wishes to branch off? or dip...
Both TeamSpeak and Discord are available for use on ICN!

But first, please remember to follow the rules:
1. Only voice chat when you are ONLINE on ICN. These channels are supposed to make communication easier on the server. You can still check chat messages.
2. No advertising your own TeamSpeak/Discord channels.
3. The same rule regarding being respectful to players and staff apply.
4. No spamming the chat.
5. Don't use TeamSpeak or Discord to take online players to another game. Obviously you can discuss other topics but actively luring players off the server is forbidden.
6. If you have a lot of background noise, you may be asked to use the Push-To-Talk button.
7. Your name on Teamspeak/Discord needs to be similar to your ingame name or whatever you go by ingame, so that we know who you are.

All other server rules apply, if you wish to report a player or staff for breaking any of the rules you can in the report section of the forum.​

Now that you've read the rules, here is the connection info!
We like teamspeak, it works, it's easy to manage....however. A LOT of players have been asking for discord, there are pros and cons to both..However we are experimenting with a discord server currently and want your thoughts, so I've attached a poll to this thread, cast your vote.

When you are applying your credits to McMMO skills Do not put them into Salvage and Smelting. Those are directly related to other skills. In order to level up your skills

Salvage - Repair and Fishing are where the points need to go
Smelting - Mining and Repair are where the points need to go

Salvage and Smelting levels are based on an average of those two professions listed.