Abominable is the final and highest possible rank on IceCraftNation.
This rank is GLOBAL, meaning you will receive Abominable on Survival, Skyblock, Adventure, AND Creative. Not every perk will be on every server, so read below for details.

Any future plugin additions will be automatically included within Abominable.


/morph - Toggle the morph ability. Allows the player to have a tool automatically switched into their hand most suited to the block they are trying to break

(/morph is usable on Survival and Skyblock)

/heads - Have access to every head in the head shop
(/heads is usable on Survival)


Become the Ultimate Farmer - receive four, Level 1 Farms! Alows the player's crops to grow faster, automatically replant crops, harvest and store crop and animal produce, and automatically breed your animals! No water source needed


Ladies and Gents,
we are pleased to announce that we will be doing another Player Build Competition! This time around we will require all the builds to be ICE themed. You may submit a screenshot of your build to Nanook through discord direct messages. If you cannot take screenshots, Nanook will be happy to take some for you. =)

We will be featuring the builds on our twitter ( ) and we will be accepting submissions for 2 weeks only! At the end of that week there will be a poll on twitter that will be open for 2 days which will determine our winner.

The winner will have their build featured at spawn and 50,000 in in-game money.

  1. Your builds must show effort.
  2. The build you submit has to be on ICN.
  3. You CANNOT build on creative.
  4. You may work together with someone but you will have to split the prize money.
Ladies and Gents,
we are excited to announce that we will be doing a Player Build Competition! You may submit one of your best builds from ICN using discord dm's to either Nanook or Aries.

We will be featuring the builds on our twitter ( ) and we will be accepting submissions for 1 week only! At the end of that week there will be a poll on twitter that will be open for 1 day which will determine our winner.

The winner will receive a
free rank upgrade or an Elite crate key, good luck!:)


  1. You cannot submit a dirt hut (your build must have some effort shown in it).
  2. The build you submit has to be on ICN.
  3. You CAN submit builds from before the reset.
Good news!
IceCraftNation is now updated to 1.13!
There is also a 30% off sale going on in the store now!
First and foremost... thank you to all of you who are choosing to stick with us as we try to iron out all of the issues with 1.13. The reset took a bit longer than we expected as we encountered some issues we were not expecting, but we are now up and running!


Where are my builds?
Everyone will eventually get their items and builds as soon as we are able to. We are currently waiting on World Edit to update. All of your builds were saved as World Edit schematics and that plugin has not updated to be compatible with 1.13 yet, and therefore completely prevents us from loading your items in. It's like.. you lost your luggage on a flight?

What all reset?
Ultimately, we decided to reset:
  • Survival
    • All maps
    • The economy
    • Claims
    • Jobs data
    • McMMo Data
    • Sethomes

When will the server builds (the shop, summer spawn, etc) be back?
We are having to wait exactly as the playerbase is for the server builds. These builds are also dependent on World Edit and will be re-implemented when it is updated.

When will the other servers (other than Survival)...
Minecraft has finally announced a release date for 1.13! Wednesday, July 18!

Many of you have asked what will happen when ICN updates to 1.13. Well, the long-awaited answer is that we will be doing a reset of Survival and Adventure.

With the upcoming 1.13 update, new things will be added into Minecraft that will only be accessible through a reset.
ICN has not had a reset in over a year and a half. That’s a long time especially for a server that was brand new at the time, and a lot of people can come and go in that time. That obviously means that a lot of land has already been used for previous players’ builds, claims etc.
Resetting the survival server will make sure that new players joining over summer will have an easier time finding a place to build and give new areas for our current players to build.

We have decided that it is time for a reset of survival, to clear up space and allow for generation of new oceans, sunken ships, new animals, new water mechanics, and other new blocks and terrain coming with 1.13.

Fear not, we know many of you have huge builds and items that have taken a long time to obtain and create, so we will save your builds and items if you want them saved.
Having your builds and items is of course optional. Some players look forward to resets and want to start over with a new set of goals in mind. The choice is completely yours.

We know that not a lot of people wish for a reset of their favorite server, but we promise that it will result in a smoother feeling and an improved playerbase. We hope that the transition from the reset to 1.13 will be very smooth and will not have too many inconveniences.

A reset is a very big thing. On ICN it happens very, very...
With the minigames server now up and running, we need your opinions!

Which PvP style would you prefer to see on ICN? The "new" 1.9 combat style or
the way PvP was prior to that update.

The biggest difference of the "old" style of PvP was that melee did not have a hit cooldown.

Please cast your vote before for which type of PvP you would like to have! This would apply to Icewars, Skywars, Survival Games, and Block Hunt.

Now released is the Immortal Rank Upgrade 4 package!
With this upgrade option, you will receive:

Kill monsters around you! /slaughter


Change your speed! /haste1, /haste2 and /haste3

Get any skull ingame! /skull {username}

Now at /warp IceCubes, the God Set of Tools now
custom enchants!

These items have also had their vanilla enchant levels increased.
Anyone who already has a God item may now have their old items
replaced for the new ones by a senior staff member!

What do these new custom enchants do?
  • Helmet:
    • Mermaid: Allows the user to breathe underwater.
    • Glowing: Allows the user to see in the dark.
    • Enlightened: Has a chance to heal you when being attacked.
    • Valor: Gives the player resistance.
    • HellForged: While walking will slowly fix that item.
    • Implants: Slowly feeds the player as they walk.
  • Chestplate:
    • HellForged: While walking will slowly fix that item.
    • Molten: Has a chance to set your attacker on fire.
    • Implants: Slowly feeds the player as they walk.
    • Nursery: Has a chance to heal you while walking.
    • Guards: Spawns in an iron golem (+1 for every level) that will fight for you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.
    • Valor: Gives the player...
New Survival Spawn Released!
We recently released a new space themed spawn! This spawn has planets that you can warp to and explore, as well as elevators to navigate through the floors of the spawn!


New Immortal Rank Upgrades!
In addition to the first Immortal Rank Upgrade, we have also added two more!
With these new upgrades you can get...

  • Immortal Rank Upgrade 1
    • Keep Inventory Upon Death,
    • Access to /trails! Custom particles!
    • Ice Vehicle Upgrades! You may turn in any or all of your current vehicles
      for custom Ice colored vehicles!

  • Immortal Rank Upgrade 2
    • 3 God Tools of Your Choice!
    • No TP Cooldown!
    • Ability to rename items in hand with color! /rename
  • Immortal Rank Upgrade 3
    • God Mode! /god
    • 10 PlayerVaults! /pv
    • 2 Shiny Mystery Crate Keys
New /menu Option!
We have added an new menu that shows many of the options for the server!
In /menu, you can see...
  • Your username and balance
  • Jobs
  • Servers
  • Warps
  • Buy
  • Vote...
With the holidays coming to an end, and the New Year about to begin,
we are looking to unleash a new spawn for survival!

Attached is a poll with ideas we have come up with, but if you have
another idea, please leave it as a comment below!

Thank you for your input!